Our main support at the moment is for a young lad called Jeremia. In 2015 we funded Jeremia to go to Nairobi to have his severe medical issues diagnosed. Sadly he was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Since then we have paid for him to receive physiotherapy at the local hospital and to have a healthy diet, but his uncle who he lived with couldn’t cope with looking after him and Jeremia became very thin and weak. In 2018, Divine Providence was selected as an appropriate boarding school for Jeremia as it provided a clean caring environment to learn and receive treatment to enable his short life to be as happy as possible.

We have funded the treatment for 14 children with different medical needs including a life changing operation for Naramet to have a large growth removed from her upper lip.

We have paid for a three wheeled motorbike to be built for a disabled man, paid for calipers and shoes to be made for two disabled women, paid for a young mum with HIV to be discharged from hospital after giving birth and funded an HIV/AIDS awareness training day for young people.

In 2018 we worked in Partnership with Wamba Community Health Volunteers to provide 12 community toilets and tip taps for 4 different communities in Wamba.