Providing Menstrual Kits and Education In Wamba 

Wamba Community Trust’s big project started in March 2023 with the aim to provide every 10-18 year old girl in Wamba with a washable, sustainable menstrual kit and education on how to care for them, personal hygiene and their body development. A big thank you to Days for Girls Chumvi for making the kits and providing the Health Ambassador. Thank you to Jenerica the Wamba Community Health Co-ordinator and to Radamas who volunteered to help on the project and take some amazing photos. The first stage of the project was run over 6 days with the team working non-stop to visit schools to provide education and distribute the kits. They reported back to me each night and it really was a great success with 2,150 kits given out. They also visited a few communities to make sure the girls that are not in education receive the kits.

The second stage took place in early October 2023 during my trip with Ruby to Wamba. Four schools were remaining with a total of 500 girls receiving the kits and education.  St Teresa’s Secondary School and Milimani Primary within Wamba Town, and Silango and Sionta in very remote and isolated areas in the Wamba district.  Bernadette, the Health Ambassador from the Days for Girls Women’s Enterprise in Chumvi where the kits were made, delivered the sessions in a fun and informative way encouraging the girls to ask questions and talk about experiences.   Two students supported through education by Wamba Community Trust came along to volunteer on the project.

It was a privilege for us to be part of this stage of the project and a very proud moment to realise a dream of providing every girl in the town between 10-18 with a kit and education, 2,650 in total.