We funded the build of Ruby Pre-School in 2010 after visiting the community of Lentani and seeing that the children gathered everyday under a tree with their teacher to learn in the shade. Since then, we have funded the build of a kitchen, toilets and provide uniforms, books and teaching equipment each year and maintenance when required. We also provide food for the children when the government fail to do so.  This is often their only meal of the day and when food runs out the school attendance drops greatly as the children don’t have the energy to walk the often long distance to school.

In February 2020 it was agreed that Wamba Community Trust would fund a newly qualified ECDE (Early Childhood Development Education) teacher to volunteer for one year to help them gain experience to increase their chances of getting Government employment. They are paid expenses each term. Each year a new teacher will get the opportunity (if funding allows) and we will recruit from students we have supported throughout their secondary and further education who have completed their ECDE qualification.  A volunteer ECDE teacher will support the work of the head teacher and provide much needed assistance to provide quality education to the children.

Due to the success of the school with attendance growing all the time, the government has built a second classroom which has primary status so the children from the local area don’t have so far to travel when they move up to primary level.