Leah finished her Degree at Rongo University and is currently working with Central FM radio in Kenya where she is really making an impact.

Jecinta, below, was one of the first girls supported by Wamba Community Trust in 2010 when she joined Wamba Girls Secondary School.  She is now working for the Kenyan Police Force.

Samoki now works for the Kenyan Airforce.

Mary finished her Diploma in Tourism & Business Studies and now has a full-time job at Amboselli Conservancy.

Christabell trained as a nurse and now works at Wamba Hospital

Catherine works as a secretary at a local Wamba school, Sabato after completing her Early Child Development Education is gaining experience by working as a volunteer at our Ruby Pre-School where we pay her expenses every term.  This will go a long way to help her get full time employment.  Ann is working at a Pharmacy in Wamba after doing a diploma in Community Health.  Radamas works as a volunteer on our projects such as the Menstrual Kit project and for the Red Cross whilst bring up her young child.  This is just an example of our achievements, there are many more.